Re: Experiments with GSP Biminis.

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Posted by GES on 2005-08-08 13:46:42 in reply to Re: Experiments with GSP Biminis. posted by Marcus S on 2005-08-08 13:05:25

It's an enigma, that that material which is so good as a line is a bugger to tie knots in. But in the end, that friction does mount up and all we need to know is how much is enough.

If Sir Rodney says his 50# pink muck breaks at 72# and I can get knots that don't slip or break at 22# plus a bit, then I am happy with that.

What amazes me is thinking about the process by which that sucker is slipping; those two snakes are slithering alongside each other slewing the twists as they slide along each other, and in the end, you still have the same amount of twists retained.

Doggone purdy if you ask me.

George; who's gonna try 25 and 35 next and read the pull!

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