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Posted by Marcus S on 2005-08-08 13:05:25 in reply to Re: Experiments with GSP Biminis. posted by GES on 2005-08-08 11:23:56

Hey George I briefly tested 20 and 30 turn biminis in 30# PowerPro a few weeks ago. 2-3 trials only. I got the sliding bimini effect in 20 twists as you did...would just slide down the line before it popped.

If memory serves me...30 twists in 30# broke between 24#-27#, 20 twists more like 20#. Remember that 30# Powerpro is more like 40# actual break strength at 20 twists is like 50% break strength or thereabouts.

This is all with dry line in my 100 degrees fahrenheit garage.

I tied a bimini (as you taught me with a single half hitch and a rizzuto), looped it over my shimano spring scale hanging in the rafters, then wrapped the powerpro 10 times around a dowel and pulled till it broke. Then I checked the little max-load-tell-tale on the scale.

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