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Posted by GES on 2005-08-08 11:23:56 in reply to Re: Experiments with GSP Biminis. posted by bhorsley on 2005-08-07 17:16:21


I would almost bet that you have found a pretty sweet spot.

I don't know how hard I was pulling on the 20 twist sample to get it to slip, but one thing is for sure, it was a lot more than 10Kg, so my tippet would break sooner.

One thing that is not apparent from my analysis, which I should add, is that the resistance to slippage is not linear with twists; it increases exponentially with the number of twists. Thus if 10 twists took twice as much pull to slip, as five twists does, then 15 twists will not slip at three times that for five twists but will double again to four times. Each 5 turns would double the required pull, so at seventy twists it would be astronomical.

Now I doubt that the slipping pull doubles in just five turns but that can be determined by experiment.

Your extra five twists going to 35 does much more than increase the slipping pulll by one sixth. The bunch of half hitches or a Rizzuto finish of course does nothing except stop the knot from unravelling and doesn't really have much to do with either the slippage or the ultimate breakage.

But I would guess that if anyone was ever going to see some Biminis slip, it would be you guys out there doing it every day with full lubrication.

Thanks for the input.


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