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Posted by Max Garth on 2005-08-08 00:04:10 in reply to Re: Experiments with GSP Biminis. posted by Bob Taylor on 2005-08-07 19:42:04

Basically it prevents movement, and squashing of the yarns
My testing showed that the line would break outside the glued block. You could insert the GsP braid into braided mono, like 20lb GsP just one inch into 35lb braided mono and glued with just one drop of 406 and when it cured and was tested the 20lb GsP braid broke outside the joint.
I think however that you get slightly??? better results with braids with tighter weaves than those with more open weaves.
The most serious problem with gsp braids is that the abrasion resistance is directly related to the diameter. The lighter the line the less the abrasion resistance, in some cases the 20lb braid broke as you placed it on the testing brick. I actually rubbed a variety of lines on a textured brick. Those with mono cores, like Berkley UltraMax were better than straight out braid lines.
And it turns out that the best running lines, if you are game to tangle with them, are hollow and mono cored GsP braids, like 80lb PowerPro stuffed with 6lb mono.
The diameter is less than 0.02" and in the case of 50lb it would be less than that, since the mono core only needs to be 6 or 8lb. I made one of 120lb Jerry Brown LineOne Hollow Spectra. Really a shooter that lot. Didn't tangle up but hates grass casting.
I had a chapter of this stuff in my book, last known activity, ready for print, waiting for money. Vbg, but the book had 300 pages so we chopped a couple of chapters to reduce cost. GsP took a hit. now 250 pages. Max

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