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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2019-02-10 08:59:49

I have not been impressed the the hair length of normally available fake fur for years. In a recent post here two posters, Doug and Wayman Lee, suggested that I contact Portland Fly Shop and check out their offering. I purchased a bunch of their "premium craft fur" and man this is the stuff!! The owner of the store,Jason Osborn, told me that he had purchased a container full, about 20,000 packages. I contacted Lee Haskin and he verified that this fur is the Targus fur. The long hair on these 8 X 8 patches is 3.5 + inches long. The exciting part is the sell price is $ 1.99. I was planning on not making this information public..BUT..20,000 packages would last me about five life times.. HA!!

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