Delta Catchin' - 02/07

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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2019-02-09 09:57:04

Man, it was California cold Thursday! Larry's boats deck had a layer of frozen water droplets on it. It was so slippery that we had to pour river water on it so we could stand up. Still a bunch warmer than Green Bay! Isn't it funny that when fishin' reports start with a weather report you can almost always bet that the catchin' wasn't good? We decided that we would only fish the Moke from B&W North. On the East ends of the Sloughs water temperatures got over fifty-three degrees. The water visibilities mid to the East ends were very good. In fact, I would say over six feet. We did see many bait balls but few bigger fish on the finder. Larry boated the only two fish caught. One Striper that was twenty inches and one LMB that was under one pound. His 2/0 Stay Hungry in chartreuse and black was the fly that worked. Where are the Stripers????

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