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Posted by Trey Gurley on 2019-02-06 15:13:08 in reply to Re: Pira Lodge - Suinda Lodge posted by Dan Blanton on 2019-02-06 14:11:54

Sorry Dan, nothing negative intended, just meant trading stories.

Forgot to mention all of the wildlife. Caiman, Capybara, several different bird species at Pira, howler monkeys at Suinda. I never got any good photos of either, but Fabi, head guide at Suinda, had some great pictures of the monkeys as well as Stephan, theflyfishingnation on IG was able to capture on video a whole family playing in a tree.

The first day of fishing Meredith and I were taking a break and had our feet hanging out of the boat into the water as it was rather hot. When we came back to the spot to head home, a caiman was sunning on the bank not two feet from where our feet had been. The guides insisted the caiman nor the Pirahna posed a threat to swimmers, except of course, Colton's dorado.

Some more pictures

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