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Posted by Phil Ewanicki on 2019-02-05 16:27:41 in reply to Sharp Hooks catch more fish posted by Bob Arwine on 2019-02-05 12:49:25

Americans throw knives away when they get dull, let alone hooks. Knives can be troublesome to sharpen, but not hooks. Three strokes of a "pencil-style" diamond hook hone on the barb side of the hook at an angle to the point followed by three of the same strokes on the opposite side of the hook on the barb side at the same angle to the point, finished by one light stroke of the hook hone away from the barb side toward the point of the hook and at a very flat angle will give you a "sticky sharp" point in ten seconds, every time. How long your hook stays sharp depends upon how good the steel is in your hook, but you can still re-sharpen it.

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