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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2019-02-05 12:49:25

One of many things that fly fishers have a challenge with is trying to poke fish by lifting our VERY flimsy rods. Even when we remember to strip set we have a hard time producing the poking force that our gear buddies can do with 200 pound line and broom handle stiff rods. Most of the hook manufactures do a fine job making hooks that address our varied needs. However, often these hooks come to us not as sharp as what they should be. During the 1980's I purchased "The Razor Edge- Book of Sharpening" by John Juranith. I have used the hook sharpening method presented in this book ever since. Using this method you can easily produce very sharp points on new and dulled hooks in just a few seconds. The point that is created easily drives itself into the fish as it is set. The following photos are being presented to help you understand the three steps involved... PLEASE NOTE.. I understand that there are many ways to sharpen hooks. This is one that has worked for me with nearly frozen fingers while guiding Steelheaders in Wisconsin to Delta and around the world fishing. LOOK AT THE PHOTOS.. Step one: With a hone make a flat on the point. There will be a burr created on the thin side. VERY LIGHTLY remove this burr using the hook shaft as a guide. Step two: Use the hone to produce the point on this side. Step three: Use the hone to produce the point on the remaining side. Test the point by lightly poking you fingernail. If the hook slides, try again! Tighter Lines...!!

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