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Posted by Adam on 2019-02-02 07:32:01 in reply to Re: Trip Report: Colombian Amazon peacock Bass posted by Eric G on 2019-02-01 16:54:00

Yeah, there were natives traveling in dugouts and skiffs to and from their riverside villages and to/from Inirida. However, there were no large boats seen between the camp and Inirida. About 30 miles upriver there were rapids that bigger boat couldn't transverse. However, whatever fishing you might be doing most likely will have to be done in the main river rather than into the lagoons. In order for the camp to fish the area, particularly the nearby lagoons, the natives had to be paid. I know that whenever a strange guided boat entered into one of the lagoons we fished, Eric (camp owner) would get on the phone to put a stop to their fishing our areas. It is a remote area. Good luck.

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