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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2019-01-30 09:24:41

Well... it is very nice to be back in California!! My wife and I went out Tuesday for a dry run, no fish'in. We covered a bunch of the Delta. Water temps were in the 50 to 52 degree range. The vis was not the best, ranging from perhaps 5 inches to 1 foot. We did see fish on the finder, but not many. Yesterday, Larry and I had our flies hit the water at about 7:15. The Moke was 50 degrees and the vis was maybe 4 inches. We headed South and West hitting our normal HPS.... NOT A BUMP. The tide flows were good all day. As we moved East the water warmed up to 53 degrees in a couple of areas. The vis maxed out at perhaps 3 feet. We both started out with lighter colored flies and ended up with Char/Black that did produce results. A total fo 4 Stripers were boated. The largest was about 24 inches. Two were over 18 and 1 was about 17.5 inches. Most of the fish were seen on the finder to be in more shallow water. Not super results for November...BUT for January, sort of OK casting practice....HA!

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