Just had a wonderful, supercallifragilistic Amazon trip

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Posted by Randy Richter on 2019-01-28 14:50:49

Just spent 7 days at Agua Boa Lodge in Brazil. Went there last year for my once in a lifetime trip, and was fortunate to go back this year, and play trip host to a group of eight.
I hardly know what to say without seeming overly effusive. Just a few highlights
1. Agua Boa is known as numbers fishery, and for species diversity. But while it may not have the giants like Rio Marie, there were definitely some nice fish this year. One of the Florida guys got a 17.5, my wife got a sixteen (she put big fish in the boat all week), I got a 15, and we had a day with seven double figure fish.

2. The amount of mid size fish, call it six to nine pounds was fantastic this year. I had a day where I caught around 40 this size, and a peacock that size will do it's best to pull your arms off. Had one stretch where I caught 5 eight to nine pound fish in six casts.

3. Payaras are usually a rare catch there, and when you seem them, they are often tiny. My wife and I had a day where we stuck about 30 of them, and I jumped off a couple that were easily over ten pounds.

4. Arapaima usually are super difficult to come by. On this trip, my wife and I spent a day targeting them, and each caught a baby (15 pounds or so), and we lost 3 in the 60 range .

5. I spent my lunch breaks, and early mornings on the dock with a five weight, fishing the various smaller fish species and just had a blast. Not sure why more people don't do this. It's fascinating to see what's down there.

6. The river was low, and super clear. Spent some time in the main river channel making long casts to packs of fish hunting the banks. It was flats fishing at it's finest. One real good shot, and if you made it, the fish ate just about 100 percent of the time.

So, didn't count fish, but sure my wife and I caught at least 500 peacocks in the 7 days. The weather was beautiful, the guides were skilled, and I just can't wait to get back to the jungle. It was exactly what fishing is supposed to be, just crazy fun. If you have questions about this fishery, feel free to give me a call or contact me on here. I'm in love.

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