Kraken 3, How to remove spool?

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Posted by Adam on 2019-01-10 08:23:04

Just got the Allen Kraken 3 for my 9wt rod. I find it to be very eye appealing and will made. I'll be using it in two weeks when I get down to the Colombian Amazon to battle some big peacock bass. I'll also be using it for big bones out of Andros' north bight. Anyway, I do have a couple of questions.

1. How do I remove the spool? I assumed that one had to simply unscrew the spool cap. But, damn, it is unbelievably tight and won't budge. And, I'm afraid of forcing any more than I have.

2. I'll be lining it with RIO 9WFF Outback Short. I'm thinking of first putting on 100yds of 20# backing and then 100yds 30# backing. As I can't throw a whole line, I figure to make it all fit, I'll just cut 15-20' off the end of the line. Think it will work, or have other suggestions? BTW, I'm not a fan of spun gel backing.


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