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Posted by GES on 2019-01-09 13:33:47 in reply to Re: accurate rods? posted by Ralph on 2019-01-07 16:44:50

Back in the old days, multi-piece rods were still often made from a single blank cur into how many pieces they wanted. That forced the rod designers to come up with an effective internal ferrule.

Harry Wilson solved this problem for his Scott rods, better than anybody else.

But today, most multi section rods, build each piece on its own mandrel, so they can make spare pieces for those of us who break a piece now and then. But there still is a need to spline each section, although there is no law that says they would have to line them up if they didn't want to.

Today I suspect that virtually all well made rods, have totally interchangeable sections, for easy service specially in the field.

I know a guy who used to make his own blanks, and they were hexagonal. His 4 piece #4 rod, was one of the best casting rods, I've ever had in my hand . These were all carbon rods, and there was no such thing as a spline, since each triangular section was totally symmetrical.

Fun to build your own but much more fun to buy a good one and go fishing.


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