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Posted by Craig Smith on 2019-01-05 15:44:02 in reply to A comment of short rods from TFO’s Mr Pope posted by henry cowen on 2019-01-05 13:32:58

Interesting comments from Rick Pope’s perspective from the manufacturing and sales side. He would certainly know what is optimal from the business perspective in combination with actual angling experience and feedback.

Currently Orvis, Redington, St Croix, Echo, Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops offer 8’ or shorter rods in the 7-10 wt range in either graphite or glass. Maybe others.

The 7’6” TFO TiCrX models were popular with a lot of out local anglers as were the Mini Mags. And we still get requests for them. Currently it seems the currrent production rods I most commonly seen in the hands of local Saltwater kayak fly anglers are the Echo BAG Quickshot glass rods. Most of these anglers started with 9 ft rods and moved to shorter sticks. I see quite a few 1 piece 7’6” “fly” rod custom builds made from spinning blanks.

Many of our local saltwater kayak anglers come into fly fishing from using conventional gear where they are most commonly using 6’6” to 7’ rods and find 9’ rods unwieldy.

Most of our local kayak fishing is done with integrated sinking shooting tapers. For all I know this usage may be somewhat unique to S Cal. Even newbies quickly learn to get a good back cast with a water haul. Casting distances are usually less than 60’. Many never use floating lines.

With regard to the overall sales of fly rods, I would think that the percentage of Southern California fly anglers is pretty small and the number So Cal saltwater kayak anglers, though a good chunk of our business, is minuscule compared to the overall market.


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