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Posted by GES on 2019-01-05 13:17:10 in reply to Short rods for salt water...? posted by henry cowen on 2019-01-04 14:14:44

Well for me, it depends a lot on how you want to fish. The ultimate in short rods, would be just a handle and a reel seat to hold the reel, then you can just crank the fish in. Hand lining is just as effective, so if your method of fighting the fish with a rod is to simply point the rod at the fish and do the Stu Apte style walk backwards, that's one way to fish.

For a "short rod", it really only needs to be short, when it is loaded up, and that works against fast action rods. A longer rod (9ft) whether fast or slower, can be much better for casting, so if you don't make it too fast, then it can flex a lot which makes it a shorter lever under load.

A longer slower rod can keep pressure on a fish that is running at you, easier than a faster rod, which forces you to do the back and forth action when the fish runs away or toward you. That can be tiring; you are doing the workout, and not the rod.

There's no fundamental reason why a shorter rod needs to be a lousy casting rod. I suspect that there are good casting good fish fighting shorter rods out there. The designers have to trade one thing off against another, but there are a lot of choices, if you are willing to adapt your fishing style to your equipment. The kayak/float tube compromise is an obvious popular special case.

I still remember when we used to fish for yellowtail and dorado in Loreto, with 10 1/2 foot 9-11 weight rods (glass or carbon), and getting your hands on the fish had some problems.

I have a seven foot two weight glass rod built on a Browning blank. Casts great and is a lot of fun with a 8-10 inch rainbow working the other end of things.

For the salt water short rod thing, I would suggest exploring a bit slower rod, than you might prefer in a longer rod, and get good casting and good fish fighting at the same time.


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