I use short rods most of the time

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Posted by Catch Cormier on 2019-01-05 01:07:36 in reply to Short rods for salt water...? posted by henry cowen on 2019-01-04 14:14:44

I LOVE short sticks! Maybe it's because I mostly kayak fish, but over half my inventory of 6-weight thru 9-weight rods are under 9 feet. Mostly in the 8 ft range. I use them for redfish, snook, bass, smallmouth, pike, musky, pickeral, big trout... anywhere there's structure and bigger fish and where I need accuracy and leverage.

I concede that when it comes to distance, a 9-footer (or longer) has the advantage. Which is why I keep those "long rods" for my boat fishing. But most of my 8-footers are perfectly capable of casting 80-90 feet. Which is twice as far as anyone needs to cast for most of the species described above.

Sad to say, but the long rod folks are driving the market. I seem to be a voice in the desert when it comes to the virtues of 8-foot rods. Fortunately, while the market offerings continue to shrink, the custom made blanks market is thriving.

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