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Posted by Craig Smith on 2019-01-04 23:45:10 in reply to Short rods for salt water...? posted by henry cowen on 2019-01-04 14:14:44

My Southern California perspective ( which also applies to a lot of close inshore Baja California situations both in the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez)

I prefer shorter rods when fishing from a kayak in both fresh and saltwater. I find it easier to get fish under control and to hand or net with a short rod. Same when fishing from a float tube or pontoon boat. I know many anglers who do all of their saltwater fly fishing from a kayak (inshore and bays) or tube/pontoon (bays only) and who also prefer shorter graphite or glass rods.

Anytime I need to make a precise, accurate, cast at close to moderate ranges I prefer a short rod. Same reason I might select such a rod for some largemouth bass fishing. Here in Southern California the most common situation would be trying to place flies into small openings in the kelp canopy when targeting Calico bass. Fly needs to be on target and if I get a grab I need to turn the fish immediately or risk losing a flyline in addition to the fish.

I have never done this, but I know several anglers who prefer short rods when casting into tight spots in mangroves for snook and baby tarpon in areas they visit in Yucat√°n.

I also prefer short rods when fishing sinking lines over structure such as reefs, rock piles, and wrecks where I expect the fight to go vertical almost immediately and I am looking to quickly turn a fish.

In all of the situations described a above the casting distances tend to be moderate, say 50-60 feet at most to very close. I have hooked quite a few calico bass in the kelp after casting to a target 20 feet from the boat.

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