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Posted by Hugh Levine on 2019-01-04 16:31:23 in reply to Short rods for salt water...? posted by henry cowen on 2019-01-04 14:14:44


I have three beefy short rods: Sage 8' Xi2 1480-4, TFO 8' 6" 14-15 TiCr2, TFO 8'6" 15-16 TiCr2. These rods do not cast well (or I can't cast them well). They are useful only for fly-flopping rather than flycasting, i.e. when flopping large flies at teased-up or chummed-up fish such as blue marlin, mako sharks, bluefin tuna, where casting distance and accuracy don't matter much. Graphite or not, they are quite heavy, barely flexible, and seem like pool cues with ferrules, but they excel in fighting powerful fish.

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