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Posted by Jay Remley on 2018-12-06 18:39:44

I fished it the month of November-had some great days and some slow days. Fished mostly the San Joaquin and areas next to it. Mostly from Fishermans cut to Stockton Ski Club and up Holland a ways. I went west a couple times but a little too many anglers to suit me.

I'm like Dan-been fishing so much and being retired, I don't need to fish every day, all day. I usually only fished the incoming or out going tides, rarely both.

No exceptional days. 26 was one of the best and 6 was the slowest. Biggest was 11 pounds. I never did fish any top water- lots of crap floating in the areas in the tract where I usually fish top water.

The place amazes me every year. Beautiful sun sets. I never got up early enough to see any sun rises from the water. I was fishing one morning, looked up on the levee and there was a coyote prancing along like it was going for a Sunday stroll- I was expecting to see the roadrunner pop up from the other side with a bomb or something. Cracked me up. I also saw something I've never seen in the 30 years since I've been fishing it- 2 seals swimming clockwise in a circle side by side with each having their right fin straight up in the air. Some kind of mating ritual is all I could think of.


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