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Posted by Bob Valko on 2018-11-30 01:04:51 in reply to Fresh water waders in salt water? posted by Lukas R on 2018-11-27 14:18:36

Hi Lukas-

If your normal "river waders" are a form of gore-tex breathables they'll work just fine with regard to the water. just rinse after every use.

Like most everyone has noted it's the SAND that is the issue. It works its way into most wading boots and is a PAIN (literally at times) and can be pretty destructive too. Your choice is then to either buy bootfoot breathables $$$$$, or wear a bootie of some type over the stocking foots to keep sand out. Several of the most hard-core guys I know that fish with stocking foots use a boot like those linked below, then either wrap with buit in gravel guards, or make their own hot-glued 8" elastic gaiters to further prevent the sand from getting where it doesn't belong. Something like this, "sized up" to cover your stocking feet...

Or - you can be like me and about 3 other people on the western US coast that fish the surf, and wear a wetsuit - which has advantages and weaknesses as well...

Hit me up if you have questions

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