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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2018-11-26 22:19:59

Man the catchin' has been hard the past two days. Sunday solo. 19 Stripers 6 LMBs 4 Sac Pike to the boat. Out of the 19 Stripers only 6 were sub legal. 8 were over 4 to just under 5 pounds. Monday with Larry. 33 total to the boat. Perhaps 3 or 4 were sub legal. Larry was using Clouser / Stay Hungry type flies. White/yellow/blue size 2/0 about 3 inches long. I was using a Char/white 5/0 3D Clouser about 4 1/2 inches long. During the day we had 3 double hook ups. I was lucky to boat he largest Striper of the day, a 26 inch - 5.95 pounder. During the battle this fish pulled the line off the spool to nearly the backing. FUN.. I have taken the time now to use the weight chart that Hugh Levine supplied David Korb. This chart might apply to East coast Stripers. The Striper group that put the Stripers weight chart that Dan has mentioned, is East Coast based. From what I have seen so far, our Delta Stripers are on the light side of both these charts. The pictured Striper here is a bit more "thick" than what has been normal this year. With that being said it still is rated a bit skinny when compared to these charts..

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