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Posted by Mel Jones on 2018-11-05 21:15:32 in reply to Re: teaching a 8 year old to cast posted by Bill Kiene on 2018-11-05 19:43:41

Yes, Bill, you are right. I'm really concerned about attention span. Our fishing has to be tied in with other interesting things. His other grandpa had one of his first walleye mounted for him. Caught on Zebco outfit but he made the casts and played the fish all the way in by himself. 6 #. With his Dad he has caught several trout to 14" with spinners on his Zebco outfit.
He has killed 2 blue grouse with his own .22
He's going to be one of those smaller statured guys, but makes up for lack of size with physical and mental quickness and wonderful co-ordination. Plays golf pretty well for the last 3 years. Has never played t-ball. Started out hitting pitched balls from both sides of the plate...and on and on. Enough!! STOP your starting to sound like your bragging grandpa..
He does as you said, have an extremely short attention span!!!
I just want to get him a rod of size that he can comfortably move thru the casting motion and I do not think a 9' rod is that rod. By the same token I have seen some 3-4' toy looking things and I do not think they are the way to go, either. That's why my original question for equipment suggestions. Hoping someone with some experience having been thru this process would respond.

Am planning on purchasing his 1st flyfishing setup for Christmas. The rod is the most important piece of equipment. I would talk to my flyshop guy but everything they sell is way to expensive for this 1st venture and I would feel obligated to purchase from them. I have purchased several $1000 of gear from them over the last 40 years.but still....
They do offer lessons and I WILL set him up with those, also, as I question my casting abilities. After a few lessons then I'll work with him. Not to teach but to make sure he is casting as taught and not straying from what he was taught and starting to form bad habits.
Then in spring after run off is completely over we'll get in boat and float. He can cast as he wants, but mainly so I can show him a few things about the water, current flows and how/where bugs float and more closely see how the fly floats and reacts in the current. I think the floating will help hold his interest a bit longer. He'll likely see more fish activity on the surface, see the take closer and without having to cast and cast and cast....
Be assured, at least for the first year or so we will only fish at prime, hatch and weather times. Starting out, catching fish is primary concern. NO days early on of casting, casting, casting and NO catching. We can do this as I live(50 years) in the middle of one of the world class trout fishing areas in the world. From my doorstep the Gallatin River is 1 mile, Madison & Jefferson 10, Yellowstone 40, Big Horn 70, Big Hole 220, Yellowstone Park 90.
In late July I'll take him to a place where he will catch, with his flyrod, several(5-20) cutthroat trout from 3-6#.
with a dry fly on the surface each day.

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