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Posted by Mel Jones on 2018-11-05 13:59:36

Christmas and a January birthday are coming up for my 7 year old grandson. Suggestions on equipment wanted for starting, a small(52" tall & 70#) in stature grandson the skill of handling a flyrod. He also happens to be left handed and I'm a righty, but pretty ambidextrous and he is actually even pretty ambidextrous(left and right footed in soccer and left and right handed in baseball & basketball. Shoots his .22 and .410 left handed, writes left handed.)
Speaking of left right. I started, self-taught, that's why I'm no good, 65+ years ago. Cast right/reel left. With the advent of steelhead and saltwater fishing coming into my life 20-25 years ago, I now cast right/reel right. Will not force anything but would like to point him towards the correct way and then he will eventually find the way best for him.

I'll just teach him how to set up rod and how to properly carry/transport his equipment. My flyshop instructor will get him started. Will of course be talking with flyshop re, equipment but I do not think $1000 equipment is necessary to start.

Am thinking my 9', 4 wt. Sage & Ross reel is not the rod/reel to start most 7 year olds with!
Winter is not best time for practicing casting in Montana, but we will deal with that. Hope to get him out on our rivers in boat after high water next spring, catching some trout.

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