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Posted by nick Curcione on 2018-11-04 12:58:45

Friday John Loo and I headed out off Pt. Loma to try and target skipjack that were to be roaming the area a few miles offshore. We set out two trolling feathers on conventional outfits and were bit almost immediately. The game was to get the fish to the boat as quickly as possible and then chum heavily with the live sardines we had in the tank. The fish were reported to be feeding on pinhead size anchovies so it wasn't easily to get them to within casting distance. We managed a total of nine skip pies but only two on fly. This was the first time I used the Power reel on a species that could really pull some line and was very pleased with how it performed. it boasts a very smooth drag and the handle is perfectly shaped for rapid reeling when a fish starts coming at you. If you can get into them skipjack make for some great sport on fly tackle.

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