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Posted by Bill Horn on 2018-11-04 09:52:09 in reply to Datus Proper? posted by Steve P. on 2018-11-04 08:41:14

Steve, Datus was a good friend of mine and we fished (and bird hunted) throughout the 70's and 80's in and around VA and PA. He was a very interesting guy and a keen observer of things outdoors. Trust me when I tell you he was a superb fly fisherman and loved hunting wild ringnecks over his German shorthair pointers. He was a tall rangy fellow (about 6''2') and he'd wade across some spot on Penns Creek with water lapping the top of his waders and tell me it was "ok". I'm 5'8" and it wasn't. Keeping up with those long legs in the bird field kept me puffing too.

You'll love What the Trout Said. Suggest you read it in tandem with Marinaro's Dry Fly Code. Datus and Vince were good friends.

Datus was a Foreign Service officer and his time in Ireland in the late 60's/early 70's shaped his fishing ethos. You'll see that in the book. Plus he brought home his lovely wife Anna from Dublin. Datus had a real Brit/Irish attitude re fly fishing meaning it was fishing with an insect imitation. Streamers, etc. are lures not flies. I could never get him to venture into saltwater water for that reason.

One last comment. He moved to Montana about 1990 but used to return to VA to fish native brookies on Blue Ridge streams when the dogwoods and trillium bloomed. He'd get more excited about a 10" brookie than a 20"brown on his Montana home waters.

As I'm sure you'll enjoy WTTS recommend you get two of his other books: Running Waters and Pheasants of the Mind.

Bill Horn

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