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Posted by Steve S on 2018-10-31 22:05:08 in reply to Advice for an 84 year old angler posted by Parker on 2018-10-31 10:23:58

Ditto on the threader style fly box, but you still have to tie the knot. I use a Duncan loop knot for most of my fly connections and I have tied it so many times that I can tie one in complete darkness by feel. I count each pass of the tag end of the leader through the loop by touching it with my tip of my tongue. It has the added benefit of l
ubricating the knot. An even easier knot to tie with zero light is the Palomar. Learning one knot that you can tie by touch has saved me many times in the middle of some epic evening caddis hatches on the East walker and some heavy ocean waves off the Sonoma Coast. That said, Mems' suggestion of pre-tying the flies onto tippet with a loop on the standing end is better yet. I fish alot of two fly rigs for both swinging and nymphing and I borrowed a page out of the gear guys' book. When fishing corkies with yarn for steelhead gear guides have all their corkies and yarn on snelled leader holders consisting of 6-12 small spools fused together. I like the Lindy brand since they have an internal storage compartment where you can keep extra flies, indicators and split shot. I pre-rig for anticipated conditions at home with the aid if an Optivisor jeweler's magnifier and a good light. Instead of a short leader make it longer so that you may add split shot or even a second fly. The time savings on the water is tremendous and as Howard McKinney said to me once, "You don't want to waste time rigging on the water while 100 dollar bills are floating by." And lastly, don't be afraid to fish a larger fly. A friend of mine used to fish size 10 soft hackles almost exlusively on 2-3x tippet well into his 80s because that was all the he could see to tie and he caught more than his share of fish, even in the middle of size 20 Baetis hatches.

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