The beauty of SF Bay striper fishing

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Posted by Hugh Levine on 2018-10-30 21:49:57

Even before I launched in the predawn calm I knew the stars were aligned for a fine morning on the Bay.'s real-time report of nearly no morning wind proved accurate as I motored north across a silken flat Central Bay, confident from the tide tables that I would find a coursing river of outgoing green water, as yet unsoiled by minus tides that were due in the next few days. I Spot-Lock anchored alongside a submerged rock scrubbed by the current, my Garmin informing the presence of bait and bass. Sometimes you just know you'll hook up on your first cast and many subsequent ones, which proved to be the case.

I didn't even turn on my phone until about 10 a.m., 48 feisty stripers later, to find that one of our home's smoke alarms, inconveniently placed in the top corner of a 16-foot-high ceiling, was incessantly chirping a low-battery signal demanding my attention.

But that's okay, and I headed back to ramp with a smile.

Next stop - STRIPERFEST!

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