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Posted by GES on 2018-10-30 01:14:57 in reply to T-14 for 9wt Fly Rod posted by Howard Brown on 2018-10-29 17:10:21

I have always understood that the AFTMA line weight ranges were based on casting an ordinary WF floating line, and people casting those lines often have more than just the 30 ft. "head" out of the rod tip, and the back taper of that head is a lot heavier than the sort of mono or the like running lines that people use with shooting heads, and especially lead core. Having said that, we then arrive at the rule of thumb that others have described, that a nine(9) weight rod AFTMA style requires an eleven(11) weight shooting head, which I think is 330 grains on the AFTMA scale.

Then as other have said modern fast carbon rods seem to work best if you load them a bit more than older rods. Guess what! it slows them down so they aren't so darn fast.

All of which gets you the T-14 numbers that others have suggested.

I have my own rule. When slinging lead core, I like a 30 ft head and that's what I put on a nine weight rod. Guess what I like slower rods, so upping it a bit over Dan's rule, slows me down to where I am more in tune. I use 30 ft. of 12# Gudebrod lead core, on a #4 weight TFO carbon rod. Works like a charm for me. That's my white bass setup for Nacimiento.

But do what Dan suggests. Start a little on the long side, and sling it a bit to see how you like it, and trim a little off and do it again. A little more head weight never hurts when you are tossing heavier weighted flies anyhow.

Well just my two cents.


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