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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2018-10-27 12:22:17

Enjoyed a spectacular day of fly-fishing for CA delta stripers and LMB with regular pal, Vaughn Willett in his boat. The weather was stellar - what it is supposed to be like in late October - no wind, decent tides, and we found lots of willing fish despite the full moon. Got into a ton of nice ones on the late-day, evening incoming tide. We ended up with more that 50 fish to hand (lost count) and I know I landed at least 25 legal-size stripers to about 6 pounds, with lots of 4- to 6-pounders. These were new fish up from the bay and they really pulled hard on my Axiom II 7-weight. What a hoot. Vaughn scored the largest fish right at day's end with a fat 7-pounder. He also started the morning off with the first fish on his second cast, a nice one too. He also scored a couple of nice, fat, LMB. I fished only my standard Jig Hook FT Whistler and my standard (2/0) Jig hook FT Minnow in my favorite delta color. I put those Dragon Tail Whistlers back in the box for another time...

Vaughn fished lead core all day and I combined RIO Outbound Short type 3 (love this line) and T-11. I love the type 3 for water 12 feet or less when the current isn't ripping. Fantastic line for really good fly-manipulation control and I really feel the smashing eats since the fish are generally coming up for the fly like rockets...

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