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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2018-10-27 09:53:41

The Chamber of Commerce delivered on the nearly perfect lack of "W" this week, BUT boy, what did they do with the fish?? With the full Moon, I decided to get on the water earlier than normal. I caught many Stripers long before the Sun came up. Both top and sub surface produced. A couple of the days there was some ground fog to contend with... Wednesday solo. I did take the time to go out West and caught a couple out there. 26 Stripers, 3 LMBs, 4 Sac Pike. I boated the largest Striper of the week a 28 incher. 9 legal Stripers. Thursday with my buddy Ed. We worked on the use of sinking lines for about 1 hour. 21 Stripers 5 LMBs. 6 legal Stripers. Friday solo. 19 Stripers 9 legal 1 LMB 5 Sac Pike. During the week I covered a significant amount of the Delta each day. Most of the HPS were devoid of Stripers all week. I did find most of the Stripers highly dispersed on sholes...

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