2018 Blanton BBQ & Striperfest

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Posted by Matt Havelock on 2018-10-26 15:39:09

Okay Gang, we are starting to get there. Thank you for all the emails and sign-ups this past week. I need to give the Sugar Barge our number by Tuesday afternoon so please let me know by email or Dan's board if you plan to attend. We are currently at about 75 attendees. It feels like there are about 25 to 30 of you still out there that typically make the event. The final post will be next Wednesday because I will be sneaking down to the Delta early Thursday morning.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I missed your name along the way.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Dan Blanton & Cindy Blanton
Craig Smith
Lee Rice
Bill Martin
Hugh Levine
Ron Kenyon
Corey Christianson
Doc Ceder
John Carpenter & Arlene Carpenter
Loretta Strickland
Tubin' Louie
Bob Arwine
Darryl Davis & Steve Ohrwall
Bob McCollum
Tom Vargus
Chris Mills & Tom Mills
Matt Havelock & Julie Havelock
Craig Dennis
Bill Johnson, Brent Dawson, Andrew Cole, Chappy Cole
Jerry Neuburger, Sturmer White, Al Smatsky, Bob Souza
Barry Williams
Dean Lindberg, Joe Becher & Tony Cosimano
Jay, Debbie, Jay Jr., Wyatt, Hope, Bryce, London Remley & Randy Blum
John Fischer & Greg Mau
Mark Aman & Jacob Aman
Robert Mcewan
Derald Lahti & Carolyn Ogden
Dennis Papike & Jeff Barns
Steve Boyle
Jim Bovenzi & Valerie Bovenzi
George Strickland & Paul Gamache
David Ahre & Rick Dougan
Ben Byng, Mike Carlson, Charles Sterni & Steve Potter
Vaughn Willett
Mike Rivers
Tom, Hudson, Presley & Harry Malech
Dan Carver
Mark Delabarre
Harry Petrakis
Robert Tamson & Ed Bielawski
Rick Mikla
Bill Martin
Larry Garibaldi

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