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Posted by Rob B. on 2018-10-11 18:43:43

Anyone here familiar with the inshore reefs and estuary fishery around La Bocana in BCS? This area is just north of Punta Abreojos - about halfway down the Baja peninsula. I will be going there for a week at the end of the month. It's a fly-in deal with limited baggage and rod allowances, and I'm a combo conventional/fly guy, so I can only bring one or two fly rods and reels.

Being from SoCal, the reef right out front of where we are staying (cabins on the beach) has a lot of familiar species: Calicos, barracuda, bonito, yellowtail, and a few species of grouper. I know how to tangle with those guys on the fly if I so choose. Knowing I could get into yellows or a grouper, as well as some larger calicos, I'd generally use a 9-11 weight rod, which may be a little heavy for the species in the estuary: spotted bay bass, halibut, corvina, small grouper, and possibly also snook. But then again, I have heard you need heavier lines to get down in the heavy tidal currents that turn the fish on. So maybe a 8 and a 10 weight would be the way to go.

I'm also not too familiar with the natural bait/forage found in the estuary. I can always bring clousers and that should work, but I was wondering if they actually have shrimp or crabs in the estuary. If so, I would bring crustacean patterns as well.

There is also supposedly some good surf fishing in the area as well.

It's going to be fun no matter what, but if anyone's spent any time down there and wants to pass along some tips - I'd be appreciative.

- Rob

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