Delta Catchin' - 10/09 Smell the Roses

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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2018-10-10 11:15:11

Mark Van Hoomissen Berry Alan and I hit the water before the Sun came up. This fun trip was planned to include some high level tune-ups of their casting. I think that happened. Both Berry and Mark are accomplished fly fishers so most of the day we were doing catchin'. Right off the bat Mark had the hot rod. We covered a bunch of the Delta, Mid to a little West. 31 total fish to the boat. I tyed them a couple 3 D Clouser fishin' flies that they needed to had the barbs squished on. You know where this is going?...HA! Berry missed several fish in a row and guess what? The barb had vanished from the 2/0 S/S Mustad.
New fly and he was off and running! Fun day with very little "W". For most of my life, when I am in the Delta I have only focused on where to find fish. Dennis Rinehart and his wife Susan rented a cabin at B&W this week. They invited me to go to Moore's River boat for Taco Tuesday..What a treat! Mike Williams his wife Tim and his wife me and one of Dennis buddies all got into Tims fire breathing cigarette for a VERY quick trip to Moore's. Great Tacos. Are there other things to do in the Delta besides fish?? YEP!! I just found it out...

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