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Posted by Rich P on 2018-10-09 10:48:07 in reply to Outboard engine reliability posted by peter regan on 2018-10-09 06:30:51

I agree completely with Capt. Bill, Dan and others who recommend Yamaha. I've seen them in use everywhere from Alaska to Yucatan and beyond. There is one other issue to consider - carburetor vs fuel injection. I have the Yami 40 hp carb model about 12 years old. I've seen this same model all over the wilderness and it works great. But I found that the carburetors (3) on my model are very sensitive to non-use and may require cleaning out if the engine sits for a long while without draining the carbs. If you're running the engine regularly and also use fuel stabilizer it's not a problem at all. I'm told that the FI model doesn't suffer from the same problem but repairs on the injectors can also be costly if anything goes wrong. In either case the bottom line is just run it regularly. My $.02.

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