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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2018-10-09 08:11:19 in reply to Re: Mildred Island posted by Bill Kiene on 2018-10-08 13:51:33

Hey Bill,

I started fly-fishing the delta in 1992, wrote my first article about it in American Angler magazine that year, followed up with another article in Fly Fisherman Magazine a year or two later. When I started fishing the delta there were no fly-fishing guides and only a handful of fly anglers working it. Mike McKenzie was one of them. People wrote or called me for information on available guides. There were none. I looked at the California Fish and Game Guides listings and saw there was a fishing guide in Stockton. Mark Pinto - I called him and asked if he guided on the delta. "No" was his response and I told him he was missing the boat with fly-fishers. Mark picked up a rubber skiff and started guiding the delta. He later got a CC skiff. Other guides came on board like Mike Costello, Mike McKenzie, Doug Lovell and Leo Siren and myself. Fishing was fantastic in the 90s and a lot of big fish were caught.

I also popularized delta fly fishing on my popular fly fishing website bulletin board (going on 27 years now). Striperfest was founded 22 years ago by my bulletin board community.

The delta has long been my home water.


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