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Posted by Bob Woznicki on 2018-10-07 15:05:47 in reply to Line twist posted by Doc Ceder on 2018-10-07 11:46:16

Doc, some of the things that have worked for me are:
1. Cast the line out to the twisted area. spin the rod per Rio instructions. Then cast that amount of line all the way out. This will help move the twist to the front end of the line. You may have to repeat this 2 or 3 times.
2. Remove fly and troll entire fly line behind boat for several minutes.
3. At home you can strip fly line off reel to the area that is twisted. (It is usually the area of the line that remains in your stripping basket or on the boat deck after casting.) Tighten drag and hang reel from second deck until it stops spinning. Reel that amount onto reel and repeat a few times until you get to the front of the fly line.
4. It's not always possible, but get into the habit of casting the entire amount of line you have stripped off the reel.
5. Never kick, or sweep your fly line with your foot on the deck of your boat as that can twist coating on the core.
All of these methods have worked for me until the fly line just gets permanently twisted and it's time to replace it.

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