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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2018-10-06 10:48:32 in reply to Mildred Island posted by Bob Young on 2018-10-06 01:29:38


It's off and on. You just don't know when fish, especially quality fish will be there. I think it depends on baitfish populations.

Like Bob Arwine, I fished Mildred in its heydays in the early 90s before the weeds took over all the best producing coves. My best fist out of Mildred was 32-pounds and I caught a lot of teeners and fish in the 20-pound range. Can't fish those productive coves on the west side anymore. The north-west orchard is full of weeds as is the shoreline all along the north end. Ditto for the good coves on the east side with the exception of the south end of the lake.

That said, it can still fish well at times so you just need to poke your boat in there for a look. I like incoming tide best.

The entire delta is like this - here today and gone tomorrow and that's why I hit my HPSs (High Percentage Spots) when the tide is right for them but I don't homestead a spot. I give it a good shot and then move on if I don't find fish. Stripers are itinerate - constantly on the move with tides and bait.


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