2018 Blanton BBQ & Striperfest

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Posted by Matt Havelock on 2018-10-03 12:45:08

It sure feels like it's going to be good fall fishing in the Delta this year. Today looks like the perfect day to fish, it is just beautiful. I'm sure a few of you are out there right now skulking around hunting for Stripers. Good luck!

The 2018 Blanton BBQ & Striperfest is all set for Saturday, November 3, 2018. David and Tracy and the entire Sugar Barge team are ready for us once again. Thank you Sugar Barge!

Founded in 1997, the Striperfest has stood the test of time. The initial purpose was to acknowledge Dan Blanton for all his contributions to fly fishing as well as a "thank you" for establishing this fun and educational bulletin board. Many years ago, we added a fund raising component to the event to help fight the fight to protect the amazing Delta via our fabulous Striperfest Raffle.

Like last year, festivities will begin earlier this year so plan accordingly. Because the Sugar Barge is open for dinner, we will be holding the event on rooftop deck, assuming we are free of rain. Should weather become a factor, we will move to the inside with the goal of finishing things up by dinner time. So this year, we are kicking things of at 1pm. Additionally, this year we will handling the check-in process and raffle ticket sales at the same table. We believe this will be a little more efficient.

The BBQ, beer, wine plus 1 raffle ticket (valued at $20) will cost attendees $50. Only those attending the Striperfest will be eligible to win a prize. We will not be selling outside tickets. Raffle ticket options will be as follows:

$50 - dinner plus 1 ticket
$20 - 1 ticket
$100 - 5 tickets
$200 - 10 tickets plus 2 extra tickets

Thanks to all who have already signed up. Let's see if we can get the rest of you out there signed up sooner than later. Simply respond to this post and share with me any friends or family members joining you.

On behalf of Dan Blanton, Noel de Guzman and the entire Striperfest team, thank you in advance of your support. We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, November 3th at 1pm!

Craig Smith
Lee Rice
Bill Martin
Hugh Levine
Ron Kenyon
Corey Christianson
Doc Ceder
John & Arlene Carpenter
Tubin’ Louie
Bob Arwine
Darryl Davis & Steve Ohrwall
Bob McCollum
Tom Vargus
Chris Mills & Tom Mills
Matt Havelock & Julie Havelock

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