Palmered Hackle Alternative for Double Barrel Popper

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Posted by Adam on 2018-09-09 09:37:51

I've decided to use Double Barrel poppers for Amazonian peacock bass. I'm a real lazy fly tyer who stays away from feathers and has never dubbed. Here's a picture of a simple mockup of the fly in question. I was testing to see if I could throw the fly, so I didn't put much effort into its tying. As you can see, all I did was to put on a straight tail of some stiff streamer material and then tied a little marabou over the tail. The overall idea was to tie light so that I wouldn't be adding any more wind resistance to that of the big (to me at least) popper head. Was able to throw 30-40' with my 6wt BVK, so I now know that I will have no problems using my 9wt Axiom.

During my testing I found that the tail would wrap around the hook and decrease the popper's great water disturbing action, but think I'd like to do away with the tail and instead, use material that would give the butt end of the popper a bushy appearance without adding too much wind resistance. Palmering feathers around the exposed ~3/8" to 1/2" of hook shank would do the trick, but the peas quickly would rip that up. As I don't dub, I would imagine that something like EP Brush with sparkle/flash would work, or maybe you could suggest an alternative to the brush approach? However, if I had to go with the brush (never used before,) about how many flies could one brush (~10 in length) do?

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