Ulterra motorized deploy/stow is worth every penny

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Posted by Bob McCollum on 2018-08-09 18:10:30 in reply to Time to replace Trolling motor posted by CC on 2018-08-07 13:26:33

CC: I mis-spoke in my previous post. I have an MK ULTERRA motor which is basically the Terranova but with motorized deploy/stow feature. I love this motor. The automatice deployment and stow is worth every penny.
It's especially important if you are fishing the Delta (or anywhere) alone because it's safer. You dont have to bend over the trolling motor to deploy or stow. It's easier on your back and reduces the risk of being ejected from your boat if some yahoo speeds by you making a big wake that turns you boat into a bucking bronco - right when you're in the vulnerable position of bending over to deploy or stow your motor. Plus it's very cool to just press a button on the remote and watch the motor deloy and your buddies turn green with envy ;-) Serioously, though. I would definitely go with 24V 80# Ulterra. Good luck!

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