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Posted by Jeroen Schoondergang on 2018-08-09 01:31:17 in reply to Re: Atlantic halibut in Norway posted by Bill Kiene on 2018-08-06 08:39:32

Hi Bill,

I fully agree with you. But not without the most important component on any type or size ship: some good seamanship. People who only use their boat on rivers, lakes and in estuaries often don't have the need for the basics like reading buoys, knowing right of way, setting a course on a chart. In The Netherlands small boat sea fishing (on the North Sea) became very popular in the mid 1970's. Most boats in those days were in the 15' to 17' range. some of the fishermen united in clubs, which not only became communities of people sharing fishing secrets, but also a guardian, organizing safety and navigation courses and taking care of an on-shore radio backup (cb and VHF back then) circle to ensure that your signal would be picked up and action could be taken in case of bad weather approaching and other emergencies. The biggest killers of novice seafarers on small crafts are bad preparation, ignorance and underestimating the forces of nature. It seems that many a fisherman has become too dependent on their electronic devices like smartphones and GPS-units. The moment these devices fail, you are on your own with the skills you do or don't have.

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