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Posted by Rob Anderson on 2018-07-31 20:36:11

Hey Folks,

Here is a really good fishing report for July/August. Lots of good tips and information.

Also we just launched our new Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Website.

It has a ton of new fly patterns, info, and is really easy to navigate to all of the information pages. If you fish Pyramid or are planning a trip check it out.

Also there is information on our October 4th-6th Pyramid Lake Float Tube Outing. Spots are going fast.

Fishing Report

*** We have had a really hot summer. The water temperatures are pretty warm and it is really important to carry a thermometer with you and keep an eye on water temperatures in all our local streams. Most of our local stillwaters are either closed are too warm to fish right now. This could change quickly if the weather cools down but be aware and try to fish in the mornings for a while.

Truckee River

California side – The river between Truckee and the Nevada state line is in great shape and water temperatures are not to bad. Fishing should still be done in the mornings. The water is cooler and the fish are more active. Flows are really close to normal for this time of year and the river is fishing pretty good. In this part of the river with normally higher flows it is important to get your flies down. High Sticking in any type of faster moving pocket water can really be productive. A two-fly rig with anything from Stoneflies, Caddis, PMD’s and just about any buggy generic nymph is worth a try right now. Some weight added to your system is also a good idea. In the deeper pools fish will be up at the head of the run where there is more fast water and oxygen.

Nevada Side – Irrigation canals pull out some of the water on the way downstream to Nevada. The water is lower here and water temperatures are more of a concern. Any fishing should be done in the mornings when the temperatures are starting out around 62 and climbing to around 69 in the afternoons. Fish are definitely hiding out in faster pocket water and can be found in pretty shallow areas. A couple feet of water is all you need. Dry dropper rigs are working well if fished correctly in these areas. Use something big like a hopper pattern to hold up your nymphs and try Caddis and PMD’s as your dropper. Cover everything, fish are spread out and holding in water that provides the most oxygen. The larger slower runs can be hard to find fish right now.

Flows are: Town of Truckee 275 CFS, Boca Bridge 498 CFS, Farad 609 CFS, Mogul 383 CFS, Reno 367 CFS and Est of town 354 CFS.

Little Truckee River

The Little Truckee flows are 96 CFS and have been for some time. The water is always cooler here due to the LT being a tailwater. The water temperatures are in the 50’s throughout the day. There is still a lingering PMD hatch in the late mornings/early afternoons. Dry fly fishing and Dry Dropper rigs have been the way to go lately. There is a ton of moss on the bottom and indicator nymphing is tough to do because it requires cleaning your flies almost every cast. A good Stealthy Dry like a Madam X or a Green Drake pattern is a good choice for a dry and droppers should be very small PMD’s, Baetis, Midges and San Juan Worms. The Little Truckee is a crowded fishery and communication with other anglers can make your day a lot better.

East Walker River

Flows are 181 CFS and have been for 6 days. They are down from 230 CFS. 181 is perfect for any time of year but it has been hot in the Bridgeport area and water temperatures are a huge concern. We are very lucky we have some water in the East Walker system and at 181 CFS it is better than it could be. IF you are planning a trip to the EW. Do it very early and plan to be off the water before lunch. Fish will be in the shallower, faster pocket water here as well. The East Walker is small and it is important to use a stealthy approach. Dry Dropper rigs fished around the main current is a great way to go. There are lots of Grasshoppers in the area and Hopper Dropper set-ups are the way to go. Great time of year to bring two rods. One Dry Dropper and one High Sticking rod for the deeper parts of the pools and runs. At 181 CFS most of the river is crossable and the conditions are very good for early morning fly fishers. Conditions change often on the East Walker so keep an eye on the flows and the weather.

Lahontan Reservoir

It has only taken two years for Lahontan to come back from the drought. Major fish stockings have gotten the lake back into prime shape for Carp, Wipers and White Bass. There have been a few Wipers caught over 15 pounds. Lahontan is a warm water fishery and the water temperatures are not too much of an issue. Pulling streamers in the early mornings either from a boat or from shore has been effective. Larger Minnow patterns fished on some type of sinking line, depending on the depth of water you are in, are catching or missing plenty of fish. Try Clouser and Deceiver type patterns.

Davis and Frenchman’s

The water is really too warm on the surface to fish these two reservoirs now. Look for the fishing and conditions to pick up once we have some cooler fall weather.

High Sierra Streams and Lakes

There is a ton of small streams in the area, especially on the California side of the Sierras. Water is cooler here (so are the fish) and can be fished most of the day. If you enjoy hiking and getting away from the crowds there are plenty of smaller streams to explore. We have seen some really great looking photos from some of our friends catching some Bookie and Golden Trout from the higher elevations. Most of this type of water requires quite a bit of hiking but the results can be amazing.

Pyramid Lake

Pyramid is closed until October 1st. There have been more fires in the lake basin and the South West side of the lake is still dealing with a fairly large fire. The road between Nixon and Sutcliff has been closed a few times as well. If you are traveling out to the lake for some recreation or boating be aware of the fire conditions.

Fall Fishing Forecast

We have had a very hot summer. The surface Temperature of the Lake is right around 70 degrees and does not change much until you get into deeper water. This is one of the reasons the lake is closed in the summer. This summer being on the very warm side of summer water temperatures.
The good news is that the fall fishing should be really good. We have developed some really effective techniques to catch these fish in early October and we will once again be holding our October Float
Tube Outing on October 5th-6th. It is a public outing and we are currently taking sign-ups. Click on the link below to not only see more information on the Outing but to also see our new website for the first time. We are excited to have the new site launched and show off our new flies, pictures and up to date information on the lake.

Float Tube Outing

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