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Posted by Craig on 2018-07-28 22:33:17 in reply to Re: Chris Laskodi Redding Fire Update posted by Bob Laskodi on 2018-07-28 20:45:02


It is definitely a small world. Just saw a phone video of an area 4 minutes from the hospital, where my daughter's co-worker lives and the homes no longer exist on one side of the street. I am assuming the video is west of the old downtown area. As for the link, thanks!

Oddly enough, we just visited friends in Santa Rosa earlier this week and were given the tour of the Coffey Park area. I was curious but felt bad for my wife's friend who described the night of the fire and their exit routes. The descriptions were hard to grasp during daylight hours of the events of that evening. At one point winds were brought up, especially created within the fire. Jumping over the Sacramento River and Interstate 5 do not appear to be that unfathomable after seeing how much damage occurred on both sides of 101 in Santa Rosa.

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