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Posted by Tony Buzolich on 2018-07-27 18:11:08

When it gets hot outside like it is now, we tend to stay inside and try to keep cool. We wind up sitting around watching TV or doing some other meaningless activity. A few weeks ago Dan posted he was getting “cabin fever” from staying inside so much and couldn't head over to San Luis.

Well, the heat is still here and seems to be getting worse but how long can you take staying off the water?

Last night my buddy Jim asks if I wanted to get out for a couple of hours and go chase some stripers. You bet I do and this morning we took off in the dark,,,,,, before the heat.

We got to one of our favorite spots and Jim says “Get your rod out, I'm already hooked up! “ Hell the boat hadn't stopped gliding yet and he's already got one on.

I finally get to my feet and make a cast or two and I get slammed as well. Yahoo!, game on, and they're eating. Even with this big full moon they're still feeding. Another couple of casts and Jim is hooked up again. Another nice fish all about 6# to 8#'s. I get in another cast and we've got a double hook-up.

We'd only been here 15 minutes and we've gotten three into the boat already. We move a little here and there and the fish won't quit. I keep snagging up and changing flies while Jim keep adding fish to the tally. Yes, he snags up too and I get another chance with a new white fly I just put on. This one looks like a male shad imitation and sure enough my first cast into some fast water and it gets slammed, ,,,, hard. Yahoo! Bingo! and all of that as this one takes line in the fast water and decides to head downstream. I'm now into the backing and he's still going. I tighten the drag a little while Jim turns the boat to follow.

After regaining my backing and line Jim gets the net and in come a beautiful 15 lb striped bass.

We move around some more trying to find a few more cooperating fish. A few more snags, lost flies, and broken leaders but it's starting to get bright outside. The sun is hitting the water between the trees and the fish seemed to have sensed this and disappeared or gone deep. It's only 7:30 and our day over.

As we head back it's already getting hot. These 100 degree days limit your time having fun but it sure feels good to get out.

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