Bachelor party, honeymoon and DIY Mexico report

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Posted by Randy Richter on 2018-07-11 22:55:40

Got married on June 30th, and instead of the normal bachelor party/stripper routine, I decided to rent a room on the river, catch the falling water for stripers in the evening, and fish it hard the next day. It was a party all right, with about 20 stripers landed in the two session, the biggest around 12 lbs.

Wedding went great, offically married, and headed to Mexico. We spent a couple days in the Playa Del Carmen, eating fantastic food, and being catered to the the beach, and then we headed down for four days in The Sian Kaan biosphere, a Mexican national park, where the lodging is rustic, but the scenary is amazing, and it's possible to spend the whole day on the beach without running into another person. We stayed in a tree house just 100 feet off the beach, at a place called Xamach Dos. My girl is a fly fisher, so we spent parts of each day exploring. We caught lots of bonefish in all different environments, flats, rocky points in the middle of big surf, and in deepers water in front of the resort. One morning in a few minutes, I caught six fish, and they were all different species, blue runner, mutton snapper, horse eye jack, mangrove snapper, bonefish, and yellow jack. I spent quite a bit of time targeting big cudas, no love there, but did hook several. Saw some tearing into schools of bonefish and mullet, a really impressive sight. Last year when were there, we saw lots of checkered puffers, and wanted to catch one on fly, (theyre a cool looking critter!), but didn't have flies small enough. Brought a few this year, and did a little flats fishing for puffers and knocked them off the list. It was a wonderful week in a great place, look forward to going back even if it's not my honeymoon.

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