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Posted by Ben Furimsky on 2018-07-05 10:52:49 in reply to Yikes! That Atlanta date! posted by Catch Cormier on 2018-07-04 15:33:55

Catch Cormier,
Did you book through one of our hotel blocks? We have rates that are reserved with only a slight increase. I suggest all guests book rooms under our rates and as soon as possible. The hotels there have completely demonstrated a lack of commitment to long term customers and have gone after the one time big price. It has taken me many months of negotiations to get blocks in place. Many of the hotels in the areas of the show are claiming they are sold out to raise the prices, yet the rooms are nearly all open. Don't let them screw you over! Our show is about 45 miles from the main Super Bowl action and it's a Friday and Saturday show and Super Bowl will be on Sunday. Downtown may be some trouble, but where we are should be out of the mess. We tried for nearly two years to find another date, but unfortunately there were no options. The show will go on and expect continued growth.

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