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Posted by Peter Turnbull on 2018-07-03 08:35:58 in reply to Re: 8 tough days in Xcalak . . . with one shining highlight! posted by Guy on 2018-07-01 18:57:40

Hello, Guy,

Yes, there are large migratory tarpon that pass through the Xcalak area each May-July. This year we had howling winds and a lot of cloud cover the entire time--that makes it really difficult to fish out on the reef in the pangas--we saw a lot of fish but just couldn't get them in range. My son bumped one but that was it. I messed up a terrific opportunity--the wind got me. Several boats were out there trying.

Yes, there are resident large tarpon in "the aquarium" out on the reef year round. People don't fish them because it is impossible to land one there because of the reef configuration. I've heard stories of multiple tarpon swimming around trailing fly lines.

Our party of six took 4 permit in eight days and lost one or two others. Some wind is useful, but cloud cover rever is. Right up before the full moon we started seeing good numbers of permit, but for the week the numbers we saw were down from previous trips. Bonefish numbers were way down.

I'd hesitate to call these changes anything but the luck of the draw, but it does make a person think. The guides (Nato, Chucho and Jose) reported decent numbers of fish earlier in the season.

I've always wanted to go the the Leaky Palapa but I think they close up in the June time frame and reopen in the late summer or fall (not sure exactly).

I have also fished in November--the word is that there are more fish, generally, at that time. (I have gone in June the last two trips because of my son's school schedule.)

Right before the trip, there was really really heavy rain when that depression went through. One the drive down, highway 307 had some flooded areas just north of Felipe Carrillo. Cars with normal clearance (like our rental) had to be ferried through one area with tow trucks, and this was three days after the rain had stopped. The road was completely closed the previous few days. Just another piece of the adventure!

Peter T

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