Re: 8 tough days in Xcalak . . . with one shining highlight!

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Posted by Guy on 2018-07-01 18:57:40 in reply to 8 tough days in Xcalak . . . with one shining highlight! posted by Peter Turnbull on 2018-06-30 20:15:54

Hey Peter,

I have done 8 trips to Xcalak,,, last time being in 2014, but always in either November or from Feb to April.
Never did we try tarpon fishing on the reef side, baby tarpon in some back lagoons, yes, but not for the big tarpon along the ocean. Divers would always regale us with pictures of literally 100s of laid up tarpon in the "La Posa" (tarpon hole), but no one ever fished for tarpon there leaving them for the diver's pleasure. I had always thought that there must be some opportunity to catch those fish along the oceanside as they migrate in and out of the area. Do you know if this kind of tarpon fishing is regular June occurrence or was it just a matter of coincidence that the big tarpon happened to be moving through when you there this time?

Too bad the weather didn't cooperate,,, but getting your son into his first permit no doubt is something both of you will remember fondly.

How were the permit numbers? Did you get lots of opportunity despite the weather? Some of our trips to Xcalak gave us double digit numbers of shots per day,,, the last couple of trips were not so kind. Your report of permit and large tarpon has got me thinking maybe it's time to book another dinner reservation at the Leaky Palapa again!!!!


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