Epic Day In Loreto

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Posted by Carl Blackledge on 2018-07-01 16:01:16

Greetings! Well, today we found Dorado heaven and I had one of the best fishing experiences of my life! My boat partner and I (truthfully) landed over 100 Dorado ranging from about 25 to 32 pounds on cast flies. The morning started out slow on flat seas that were smooth as glass. You couldn't tell where the ocean meets the sky. We hooked a Marlin and lost it, but then our guide spotted a big patch of sargasso and on approach we saw this gargantuan school of hungry Dorado that attacked our flies with a vengeance and kept us busy for a good two hours. After that we did some trolling because the fish were starting to get jaded and caught about 20 more. I was pleased that my Belly Dancer pattern worked really well in that situation and the jaded fish also still liked the sardine imitations. We were the only boat in that location and we found out other boats that went in different directions also did well but their take was about half of what ours was (still terrific by any standard).
The high point of my day and something I will never forget was when I hooked a small Dorado, maybe 6 or 7 pounds and all of a sudden my rod got heavy. The guide screamed at me as he saw this monster Dorado, maybe 60 pounds worth, pounce on my fish and then eat it! Wow, what a sight! While we were fishing we could see more of those submarine-size Dorado under the school, and though we couldn't figure out a way to catch them, they were still thrilling to watch!

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